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Conventional Lath & Plaster Systems

Commercial Plastering USA, LLC specializes in the traditional art of conventional lath and plaster systems, a technique that has been the backbone of high-quality wall and ceiling finishes for centuries. Our mastery over this classic method combines the enduring appeal of plaster with the precision and reliability that modern clients expect.

Why Choose Us for Conventional Lath & Plaster Systems:

  • Time-Tested Durability: Lath and plaster have been used for generations due to their exceptional durability. The robust nature of these systems provides a wall surface that is more resistant to cracks and impacts than typical drywall. Choosing Commercial Plastering USA, LLC ensures that your project benefits from this lasting resilience.
  • Superior Acoustic Performance: One of the inherent benefits of conventional lath and plaster systems is their excellent sound dampening qualities. Our installations create quieter interiors, enhancing the comfort and privacy of your space.
  • Aesthetic Versatility: With conventional lath and plaster, the possibilities for textures and finishes are nearly limitless. Whether you’re seeking a smooth, polished surface or a more textured, artisanal finish, our skilled plasterers can achieve the precise look you desire.
  • Historical Restoration Expertise: Our deep understanding of traditional plastering techniques makes us uniquely qualified for historical restoration projects. We can match existing plasterwork to preserve the architectural integrity and heritage of historic buildings.
  • Customization and Artistry: Beyond basic wall finishes, our team excels in creating decorative features such as cornices, ceiling medallions, and other architectural details. This service provides an added layer of customization, allowing clients to infuse their spaces with unique character and elegance.
  • Enhanced Structural Integrity: The application of plaster over a lath base creates a monolithic shell for walls and ceilings, adding to the structural integrity of the building. This method ties the structure together more cohesively than the segmented approach used with drywall.

Our Conventional Lath & Plaster Systems Include:

  • Metal Lath or Gypsum Board Base: Depending on the project requirements and the desired outcome, we can start with a metal lath for added durability or a gypsum board base for a smoother finish.
  • Three-Coat Plaster Application: Our traditional approach includes a scratch coat to establish a strong base, a brown coat to build up the wall’s thickness and evenness, and a finish coat that can be tailored for texture and color, ensuring a beautiful and durable surface.

Choosing Commercial Plastering USA, LLC for your conventional lath and plaster projects means partnering with a team that respects the craftsmanship of the past while delivering the quality and service modern clients demand. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our passion for plaster, ensures that each project we undertake is a testament to our dedication to our craft.

Contact us today to explore how our conventional lath and plaster systems can bring timeless beauty and enduring quality to your next project.

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