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Services Stucco Finishes & Drywall Installation

Stucco Finishes
Stucco is a versatile facing material that is applied to flat or curved surfaces either inside or outside any building or structure.

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Drywall Installation
Drywall is composed of interior panels, which are fixed to framed walls and used in interiors of commercial buildings and residential houses.

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Exterior Insulation Finish Systems
Sometimes called synthetic stucco, a multi-layered wall system consisting of insulation board, a base coat, reinforcing mesh, and an acrylic finish.

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Conventional Lath & Plaster Systems
Conventional lath and plaster systems have been the industry standard for wall construction for many years.

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Veneer Plaster
Veneer systems help eliminate nail-pupppops and ripples often seen in drywall applications.

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Venetian Plaster
Venetian plaster, or Veneziano, has been used for thousands of years. It is the most beautiful and luxurious finish.

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Decorative Plaster Mold
Decorative Plaster Molds
Even intricate designs can be achieved to enhance the interior beauty of your home or commercial facility

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Exterior Specialty Framing
Exterior & Specialty Framing
At our company, we work with light gauge metal framing, as well as all types of exterior light gauge framing.

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Specialty Finishes
With more than 30 years of expertise applying unique finishes like coquina and tabby, we are experts in our field.

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About Commercial Plastering USA, LLC

Plastering Since 1976

Bill Rice the founding member has been in the plastering business since 1976. Partners, Chris VanHoose and Hank Rogers, have been in the industry and worked together for 30 years.

Certified Professionals

Bill Rice has been a certified Dryvit contractor since 1981. The company is very experienced in all aspects of EIFS details and installation.

Here To Serve You

Commercial Plastering USA can accomplish all of our clients' needs whether big or small, ornate or ordinary.

Client Testimonials

Bill Rice and the whole team at Commercial Plastering USA has been a true pleasure to work with on every level. Thank you Bill, and to the whole team, job well done!”
James Newton
We were so happy to have found Commercial Plastering USA, LLC. They are as capable and professional as anyone could ever hope for. Thank you Commercial Plastering!”
John Hamilton
We recently had the opportunity to work with Commercial Plastering USA, LLC, and wanted to write a short note simply stating how awesome it was to have a friendly, professional crew to help with our project.”
Sande Caplin & Associates

Portfolio Our Projects

Village on the Isles

Venice Public Library

Skilled Nursing

Urgent Care Venice

Sarasota Highschool

Sarasota Courthouse

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Frequently Asked Questions

How big or small are the jobs you are interested in?

We perform all kinds of work on all kinds of projects. We have men that go out and do small patch jobs that require a responsible person working in someone's home to 30+ story buildings with huge crews and supervision.


How many years of experience does your firm have?

We have been in the plastering industry since 1975. We have performed work on various types of structures over the years. We have employees that we have worked with for 30 years so our crews are well trained and skilled in their profession.

What specialties do you offer?

We perform all kind of specialty finishes such as stone work,,aggregate type walls such as Tabby finishes. Venetian plasters made with real marble. Also,we are one of the few companies that still install real plaster interior walls and real lime based crown moldings installed and created in any design you want.

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